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    KentWool Womens KW Pro Light Golf Sock


    Featuring the thinnest and lightest sock in the KentWool line, the KentWool line, the Women’s KW Pro Light golf sock provides all the same moisture-wicking comfort and no-blister guarantee. An ultra-smooth combination of Merino Wool and Bamboo offers your feet long lasting performance, strength, and comfort.

    KENTWOOL Performance socks are engineered for blister-free performance. They provide lasting, superior comfort for competitive professionals. A proprietary blend of super fine merino wool yarn combined with natural and high-tech Cocona fibers, enables a unique and innovative temperature-regulating capability (think: cool in the summer, warm in the winter). This technology is non-abrasive, odor resistant, and naturally absorbent, holding up to 30% of its weight in moisture. Players experience reduced friction, abrasion, and muscle fatigue. The result is maximum support and comfort, and outstanding energy return with every swing. And best of all – NO MORE BLISTERS!