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    Wigwam IronMan Spectrum Pro Low Cut Sock


    The Wigwam Ironman spectrum pro low cut is an ultralight running sock featuring the Ultimax moisture management system that rapidly moves moisture upward so it can evaporate quickly. It has been enhanced by the introduction of Dri-release fabrication for odorless, blister-free dry feet. 20% Merino wool is added for a touch of softness and light cushion under the ball. It provides a foot hugging fit including a heel tab to reduce potential slippage of the sock into the shoe.

    Wigwam is a 110 year old 3rd generation family run USA manufacturer in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Wigwam is a state of the art manufacturer using American union labor and as many USA sourced materials as possible. They also run their business in an environmentally responsible way. These socks carry a 2-year performance guarantee from the date of purchase.

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