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    Injinji Sport Original Weight Micro Toe Socks


    Free your toes for a revolutionary comfort and fit with Injinji toe socks. Your toes are an essential part of any fitness activity. They keep you balanced and provide dynamic movement capabilities. So why should they be "hidden" inside of a sock? The Injinji toe socks offer an ergonomic 5-toe streamlined sleeve design, with no added bulk, which allows for a natural fit, better balance, and superior gripping, and toe mobility. Your toes will no longer be susceptible to blisters and toe strain. Your feet will be stronger and more comfortable while you run, walk, hike, or do just about any activity.

    Add extra comfort to your workouts when you free your toes with the Injinji Sport Original Weight Micro. The seamless 5 toe sleeve design and superior fiber construction allows you to harness the foot’s natural mechanics resulting in a better tactile feel of your environment and a stronger sense of balance. Not to mention you get the unmatched added benefits of natural toe splay, blister prevention and superior moisture management. Sport is intended for every day performance and casual use.

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