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    KentWool Graduate Compression Golf Sock


    Get the only compression sock with the no-blister guarantee! The Graduate Compression Golf Sock by KentWool is designed to provide improved blood circulation and minimal swelling both on and off the course. Specially engineered with a combination of super fine merino wool and high tech fibers-and designed for maximum versatility and multi-purpose use-The Graduate is a medically certified graduated compression sock designed to promote increased circulation and superior cushioning. It also comes with the KENTWOOL Lifetime Blister-Free Guarantee.

    KENTWOOL Performance socks are engineered for blister-free performance. They provide lasting, superior comfort for competitive professionals. A proprietary blend of super fine merino wool yarn combined with natural and high-tech Cocona fibers, enables a unique and innovative temperature-regulating capability (think: cool in the summer, warm in the winter). This technology is non-abrasive, odor resistant, and naturally absorbent, holding up to 30% of its weight in moisture. Players experience reduced friction, abrasion, and muscle fatigue. The result is maximum support and comfort, and outstanding energy return with every swing. And best of all – NO MORE BLISTERS!