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    Thorlo (T) Unisex Rolltop Tennis Socks


    Thorlo TX / TMX / T Tennis socks provide cushioned, dry comfort and protection from high-impact lateral movements and fast stops. Enjoying tennis and playing harder, longer and for a lifetime with the ultimate in foot protection. Fast starts, fast stops and lateral movements on the court cause pain and stress on your feet. Specifically engineered to deliver maximum protection and comfort for any player who is prone to blisters, foot pain or discomfort.

    Reduced blisters, pain, and pressure by absorbing shock with a unique padded design Better fit and more stability with cushioned in-step and arch Protects from toe injuries with extra cushion over the toe Reduced toe blisters and pain with a low profile toe seam that won't rub or irritate the foot Super soft and durable due to the proprietary THORLON blended fibers

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