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    Meister Neoprene Toe Warmer Booties (Pair)

    Meister activewear products are designed to be durable enough for competition MMA fighters, yet comfortable and performance enhancing for the rest of us. Constructed for true long duration activities, Meister compression and warmer sleeves offer true graduated compression. his means your joints and muscles will experience improved blood circulation to help maximize output and help muscles recover faster.

    Our toes can often be the first part of our body to get cold on a chilly day. Meister Neoprene Toe Warmers are designed to keep you toes warm during cold weather activities, like skiing, biking, running, or hiking. They are only 2.5mm thick, which means they will not add any bulk to your feet. Once you put on regular socks and shoes, you'll completely forget you rhave them on, except that your toes won't be cold! Made of a Neoprene/Polyester blend, the will contour to the shape of your feet and provide maximum comfort all day long.