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    Meister Graduated Compression Leg Sleeves (Pair)

    Meister activewear products are designed to be durable enough for competition MMA fighters, yet comfortable and performance enhancing for the rest of us. Constructed for true long duration activities, Meister compression and warmer sleeves offer true graduated compression. his means your joints and muscles will experience improved blood circulation to help maximize output and help muscles recover faster.

    Meister Graduated Compression Leg sleeves are designed for professional athletes. These are not generic leg sleeves. But rather the same breathable compression sleeves that professional athletes use in competition, are also proven for running, cycling, basketball, tennis, weight lifting, and more. True graduated compression allows for targetted shin and calf compression with improved blood circulation and faster muscle recovery. Comfortable cuffs keep the sleeve in place. With Meister compression, you're ready to take your active lifestyle to the next level.

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